NFL Halftime Show - 

Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers

After the popularity of the NaeNae dance; a new dance was created called the "Whip". Bam and his friends made a video to the official song and the video went viral.

Totaling over 16,250,000+ views since its release date in 2015.

Cartoon Characters - Whip Dance

Jermaine Dupri recently signed a new artist group called 'WeAreToonz' to his record label. They pioneered the "NaeNae" dance movement back in 2013. Bam was a featured dancer/mascot for their official video "Do The Drizzy". The music video was aired on Jermaine's hit tv show on Lifetime called: "The Rap Game". The Rap Game is a show that looks for young talented music stars.

‚ÄčIt currently has over 400,000 views on YouTube.

Bam had the honor of performing alongside Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris & Young Jeezy for the NFL halftime show (Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers). This was a monumental event as it was the last game to be played in the Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome is set to be demolished sometime in 2017. The Falcons ended up winning this game to advance in the Superbowl held in Houston, TX; going against the New England Patriots.

Later on that day, Jermaine Dupri asked Bam to be the Official So So Def mascot!

Disney Characters - NaeNae Dance

Cartoon Characters - Hit The Quan Dance

Bam continuing his success as the "King of Party Dances" released his cartoon characters 'Hit The Quan' video in 2015. The video quickly gained momentum by reaching every social media platform. 

The current view count for this video has over 8,500,000+ views on YouTube!

Bam is the co-creator of the latest viral Internet challenge sensation called the "#ChuckECheeseChallenge". The video was an overnight success with an accumulation of over 6,000,000+ views. The challenge his crewmates (Nonstop & IGlide) created got them to be featured on TIME Magazine, Complex, The Bleacher Report, Fader & BREAK Media. This gained the attention of the Chuck E. Cheese company who ended up working directly with them.

Bam has released two videos in the mascot outfit, and the combined views come to over 700,000+ on YouTube!

WeAreToonz feat Nia Kay - Do The Drizzy


Chuck E. Cheese Company

Bam is one of the highest viewed mascots when it comes to social media.